Sheriff Donald B. Smith

Donald Blaine Smith
Brigadier General
United States Army (Retired)
Putnam County Sheriff
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2017 Boat Safety Schedule

Marc 12th - Mahopac Marina
April 28yh and 29th - Bureau of Emergency Service
May 13th -Bureau of Emergency Service

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Shane Reese Podcast

Recently, Sheriff Smith appeared on the Shane Reese Podcast discussing safety concerns of larger tractor-trailers on our highways.

Explosives Recovered in Philipstown

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the recovery of a quantity of explosives and blasting caps from a wooded lot in the Town of Philipstown.

Traveler From Texas to Maine Had Unregistered Handguns in Kent


Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the arrest of a woman for allegedly possessing two unregistered handguns in the Town of Kent. The woman was reportedly on a trip from Texas to Maine and tried to sell one of the guns for gas money.

On February 16, 2017, the Sheriff’s Office received a call from a representative of the Precision Armory gun store located at 423 Route 52 in the Town of Kent. The caller reported that a woman was at the establishment and was offering to sell a handgun, but lacked the required documentation to legally possess the firearm.

Sergeant William Quick responded to the call and located the woman as she was departing from the gun store in her vehicle. The woman, identified as Ms. Theresa A. Sager, aged 50, of 841 Gore Road in Alfred, Maine, was allegedly found to be in possession of two unregistered handguns–a .32 caliber revolver and a .380 caliber semiautomatic pistol–for which she did not have the required license. The defendant reportedly stated that she had acquired the firearms in Texas while living there and was moving back to Maine; she said she was trying to sell a firearm to the gun store for gas money to continue her trip.

Kent Man Had Drugs in Patterson

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the arrest of a Kent man on drug charges in the Town of Patterson.

On February 13, 2017 at 4:43 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Irwin pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Route 311 in Patterson. Subsequently, a passenger in the vehicle, identified as Mr. Daniel R. Hutchby, aged 31, of 12 Rochelle Road in Kent, was allegedly found to be in possession of a quantity of heroin and a hypodermic needle.

Mahopac Man Found With Drugs During Traffic Stop

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the arrest of a Mahopac man on a drug charge and other offenses.

On February 13, 2017 at 5:47 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Christopher Irwin stopped a motorist for alleged traffic violations on Route 6N in Mahopac. During the course of the traffic stop, the deputy discovered that the driver, identified as Mr. Matthew D. Singer, aged 44, of 695 Long Pond Road in Mahopac, was allegedly in possession of quantities of heroin and cocaine.

Sheriff Donald Smith Announces the 2017 Boater Safety Class Schedule.

There will be three classes this year, March 12th, a split class on April 28th and 29th and May 13th.

Carmel Man Evaluated After Violent Behavior

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that a Carmel man was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation after exhibiting violent behavior.

On February 19, 2017 at 12:26 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Eric Hayes responded to a report of an emotionally disturbed person at a Carmel group home. The program director at that location reported that the 27-year-old male had been behaving violently and requested that he be taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Dutchess County Man Arrested in Kent on Warrant and Traffic Charges

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the arrest of a Dutchess County in the Town of Kent on February 20, 2017. Mr. Jermaine J. Evans, aged 29, of 3875 Route 52 in East Fishkill, was allegedly driving with a suspended license and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest when he was pulled over for traffic violations.

Patterson Woman Taken for Evaluation After Threatening to Kill Neighbor

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that a Patterson woman was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation last weekend after she was found to be behaving erratically and threatening to kill a neighbor.

On February 18, 2017 at 12:46 p.m., Deputy Sheriff Robert Hudson responded to a 911 call from a person reporting that a friend was “out of control” at a Patterson residence. Upon arrival, the deputy met the caller and observed the subject of the call–a woman who was talking to herself and uttering threats to kill a neighbor.

Philipstown Woman Hospitalized After Suicide Threats

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that a Philipstown woman was taken to the hospital by deputies last week after she reportedly threatened to commit suicide.

On the evening on February 14, 2017, sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a call from a man who reported that his wife was threatening suicide at their Philipstown home. Upon arrival, deputies encountered the woman, who appeared to be intoxicated and who, according to her husband, had threatened to cut herself with a knife and take an overdose of medication.

Man’s Body Found in Woods Near Brewster:



Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that a man’s body was found today in a wooded area in the Town of Southeast. According to preliminary reports, the man was believed to be homeless and had apparently been living in a makeshift encampment in the woods where his body was found.

An acquaintance of the deceased found his body in the encampment this morning and called 911 shortly before 10:00 A.M. Officers of the Brewster Police Department and Sheriff’s deputies responded and met the caller, who led them to the encampment several hundred feet in from Allview Avenue, just north of the Village of Brewster.


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